All your health and safety equipment equipment under one roof at Vikayen Supplies.

All your health and safety equipment equipment under one roof at Vikayen Supplies.

Vikayen Supplies has successfully supplied many industries with health and safety equipment of the highest standard throughout South Africa, and our commitment to offering a wide range of industrial and safety equipment has enabled us to become a one-stop-shop offering high quality products at reasonable prices to suit your budget.

We provide a wide range of protective work wear and accessories, whether for body protection, eye, and ear as well as face protection added to protective footwear and hand protection in order to ensure that you are able to protect your employees under one roof. Our website is very user-friendly, and with the expert guidance of the friendly team at Vikayen Supplies, you will find our safe and secure online payment portal very convenient.

Vikayen Supplies will assist you in ensuring that your employee’s eyes are well protected with our wide range of North wide vision goggles, North Spectacles with smoke lenses and other protective eyewear. Our commitment to quality is expressed in our range of North products for eye and face protection, with a range of North flip-front welding goggles as well as welding helmets to choose from.

If you are looking for fire extinguishers, we will offer you the best, and if you rely on quality batteries or rechargeable batteries, soldering irons and the necessary accessories, we will ensure that all your needs are met at the most reasonable prices in the health and safety equipment industry.

Not only do we provide a wealth of experience and a wide range of health and safety products, but we also provide a wide selection of shopping trolleys and baskets to the retail industry, including mobile industrial shelving and adjustable light duty shelving.

You can trust that when you contact the friendly team at Vikayen Supplies you will find that we are more than willing to guide you to the correct safety equipment to suit your requirements with a high level of professionalism. We invite you to join our many satisfied customers who have found everything they need to create a safe and healthy environment in the workplace for your employees at Vikayen Supplies.