Avoid penalties and lawsuits by providing proper health and safety measures in the workplace.

Avoid penalties and lawsuits by providing proper health and safety measures in the workplace.

Vikayen Supplies have made it easy for you as an employer to find all you need to provide a healthy, productive and positive work environment that goes a long way towards maintaining a high level of efficiency and productivity in the workplace when employees are working in conditions that emphasise health and safety.

Once you know exactly which type of protective personal equipment (PPE) is required to protect your work force, Vikayen Supplies will ensure that your employees will be protected with the proper equipment to suit your industry.  It is far more cost effective to invest in protecting your employee’s right from the start than to end up with penalties or a range of lawsuits that may arise out of an inspection by an OSHA representative who is not satisfied that your health and safety measures  meet the legal requirements for your industry.

The expert team at Vikayen Supplies will assist you in finding the most cost effective solution for personal protection equipment and other safety equipment you may require to suit the job-related risks in your industry in order to protect both you and your employees. Illness or injury caused in the workplace always affects production schedules, and our business at Vikayen Supplies is to make sure that you invest in the best protective gear available at reasonable prices to avoid any loss of production time.

In certain industries and manufacturing plants the importance of life support protection cannot be stressed enough and at Vikayen Supplies we offer this support with our range of belts, fire blankets, harnesses and flotation devices, so that everything you need with regard to health and safety requirements can be sourced through our friendly team.

Our team at Vikayen Supplies believe that you deserve only the best in health and safety equipment without having to shop around at various suppliers, we will streamline your safety measures to suit your industry with our expert advice.  Contact Vikayen Supplies to protect your employees and your business with our service excellence and high quality safety equipment.