For the very best in budget beating industrial safety equipment and PPE contact Vikayen Supplies.

For the very best in budget beating industrial safety equipment and PPE contact Vikayen Supplies.

Body protection, eye protection, ear and face protection, all this and more in terms of protective personal equipment, footwear and work wear is available under one roof at Vikayen Supplies. It is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that your employees are protected in accordance with the safety requirements of your specific industry in order to avoid costly fines and loss of profits due to injury or illness, making it well worth investing in the proper safety equipment.

As a one stop shop for a wide range of industrial equipment and safety equipment, despite the high quality of our products we offer budget beating prices that have made us the top suppliers of safety equipment throughout South Africa and into Sub-Saharan Africa.  With a safe and secure payment portal available on our user-friendly website, we are within convenient reach for anyone needing high quality protective personal equipment and accessories.

The eye protection range supplied by Vikayen Supplies provides a wide variety of high quality North spectacles suitable for various industries, wide vision goggles, flip-front welding goggles and welding helmets.  From our range of disposable safety work wear we offer Dromex disposable coveralls as well as breathable and liquid proof high quality disposable overalls , disposable ward masks, disposable deli-cover sleeves and non-sterile powedered latex examination gloves with a smooth surface, all from the trusted Dromex range of disposable wear.

Vikayen Supplies offers PVC protection wear such as North PVC Aprons, North Waders, North Fisherman Suit (jacket and pants separate) as well as North Shaft Sinkers Jackets, and there is no better PVC protective wear than what the North range has to offer.

From protective personal equipment (PPE) to fire extinguishers, all it takes to fulfil all your safety equipment and protective personal equipment is to give your friendly team at Vikayen a call and we will help you find the best for less to suit your budget perfectly!