Wayne duralight ladies gumboot

Duralight ladies gumboot

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These boots are for working conditions where hygiene is of paramount importance. This includes food processing, butcheries, chicken farms, fisheries, hotel kitchens, hospitals and clinics.
Steel toe caps and steel midsoles are not available for this range.
The Nitrile/PVC blend gives protection from corrosive materials such as blood, fats and chemicals. Please refer to the Resistance to Chemicals schedule in out technical section.
Sole design provides maximum slip resistance.
Exterior is smooth making these boots easy to clean and sanitise.
Fine knit nylon liner easy to clean and dries quickly for maximum hygiene.
Boot design ensures material is distributed for maximum protection where required (ankles, heel and toe areas) and minimised elsewhere for maximum flexibility and minimal mass.
Optimal toe spring minimises cracking at flex points while ensuring the boot is easy and comfortable to walk in.